This country can be called as a tax haven for those foreigners who live in Ireland have a tax exemption on their foreign income.

Company forms. The following company forms exist in Ireland:

  • Self-employed
  • Public Company
  • Limited Partnership
  • Limited Liability Company
  • Limited guaranteed but without equity capital
  • Limited company with Guarantee and stock capital
  • Unlimited Company
  • Joint stock companyl

The process of setting up:

The first task is to seizure the name of the company which should be done at the Court of Registration. The second task is to create the agreement and the memorandum of the company. Then as a last step, these documents should be submitted to the Court of Registration together with the registration fee.


  • The personal income tax rate is 22% up to 29.400 Euro, over this amount is 44%
  • Corporate tax is 12,5%
  • VAT is 23%

Why do we recommend Ireland?

  1. Flexible and advanced legal regulatory system
  2. Excellent business environment
  3. Community tax number
  4. Anonymous structure is available with nominal services
  5. EC member state
  6. Not known as “tax havens”
  7. Relatively inexpensive

The most important features:

  • There is a limited liability for the assets of the company
  • One can work freely anywhere in the EU
  • Irish company pay one of the lowest corporate tax rates in the EU: 12.5%
  • In addition to the social tax, other taxes do not charge the Irish company
  • To set up an Irish company there is no need to live in the country
  • The owner of the Irish company can be an offshore company so dividends can be tax-free
  • It is not required to report oneself or anyone else to the company