The biggest advantage of establishing a company in England is the reliance. Businesses are encouraged in England thereby the tax burden of the start-ups is minimized, they can carry out their activities freely without any pre-announced activities, the start-up capital is not determined concerning certain company forms and banks provide initial credit lines for business accounts. One should report about the completed activities in the annual reports, and should pay the VAT in case the earnings exceed the current limit, which is ₤ 82.000. They just let the company grow, without any bureaucratic systems, since it is also their own interest that the companies become profitable.

The most common British forms of companies:

  1. public limited company
  2. private limited company
  3. unlimited company
  4. branch of a foreign company
  5. partnership
  6. joint venture (joint ownership)

The registration of a company is very simple in England; it takes a few hours. However it is indispensable for a registration of a company that the company should have it’s headquarter. The company is registered at the Court of Registration. To register a company one should choose the right company form. We recommend the Limited Company for the start-up companies. In this case the minimum capital is not required; one can set it up by paying 1 pound.

Why do we recommend England?

  • Unparalleled tax benefits in a prestigious environment
  • An offshore company can be founded
  • Perfect security for the companies
  • Corporate law makes no difference between a foreign owner and an English owner
  • The benefits of the tax exemption and the Community tax number can be enjoyed simultaneously

Concerning the life of a start-up company, the proper knowledge is essential as well as the proper counseling has an invaluable value.