Any EU citizen may set up a company in Spain, and we should mention the fact, that the processes are bureaucratic thus making it difficult to set up a business. The process of establishing a company:

First of all one should apply for a N.I.E (Número de Identificación de Extranjeros) in Spain, irrespective of the process of establishing a company. This is a unique identifier for foreigners (Spanish citizens have a DNI ID) which is required for almost all administrative processes, such as opening a bank account, purchasing a property, making a tax declaration or starting a business. In this country a company should be registered at two places, that is at two levels. The first level is the local one, that is the town hall, and the second is the national level, the State Tax Office.

The following forms of businesses exist:

Form of enterprise Number of members Capital Responsibility
1. Joint stock company min.1 Min. 60.102 Euro It is limited to capital input
2. European public limited company min.1 Not less than 120.000 Euro In theory it is limited to signed capital
3. Limited liability company min.1 Min. 3.006 Euro It is limited to capital input
4. Limited liability company (new company) min.1
Between 3.012 and 120.202 It is limited to capital input

All employees in Spain are required to pay taxes on their income and to claim overpayment.

The most widespread corporate form of companies in Spain is: the Joint Stock Company (SociedadAnonima, S.A.), the Limited Liability Company (Sociedad de ResponsabilidadLimitada, S.L.) and the individual enterprise (empresarioindividual o autonomo). Among the above mentioned legal forms the simplest is the autonomous entrepreneurial form, that is, the foundation of an individual enterprise. Its operation includes social and health insurance coverage of 260 Euros for a month. The above mentioned N.I.E identification and the registration at the Central Registration Office is required to set up a company like at any forms of businesses.