The economy of Romania shows a stable growth, continuing import and export relations with a number EU country. One can say concerning Romania, that the foundation and maintenance costs of companies are extremely low, and the procedure itself is very simple. Furthermore, there is no trade and dividend tax, and the stock capital is very low. From the 1st of February 2017, most of the fees of the Court of Trade were abolished.

One can choose from two types of corporation taxes:

  1. Income tax: in this case the corporation tax is 16%, minimum 500 Euro.
  2. Turnover tax: 3% of the total turnover of the tax, but at least 500 Euro.

In addition, Romania has an agreement with 80 countries to avoid double taxation. In this country one may set up a company only with a uncanny past. The founding members and the administrators should make a report about their impunity by the notary.

The following forms of entrepreneurships exist in Romania:

  1. Limited Liability Company (S.R.L.)
  2. Joint stock company (SA)
  3. PFA and II (Small businesses are counted)

The most common and the most popular form of corporation is s.r.l. The minimum share capital is extremely low, only 60 Euro. One can set it up only with one person, and the member can be either a company or a private person. The foundation of the company itself takes approximately only 12-20 days. VAT returns should be made monthly or quarterly.

In addition one should mention, that there is weight tax for trucks and trailers in Romania, the manager of the Romanian s.r.l. does not have to be employed obligatory at the company, so there is no need to pay a post-paid tax after him/her.

Where is worth to invest our money? – Romania is far from being considered as a tourism center and wood processing. Real estate investment, infrastructure development, construction, automotive, commerce and services offer serious opportunities for entrepreneurs. A good investment could be to purchase land, as legal entities in Romania can purchase land and real estate unlimitedly.

If someone wants to benefit from favorable taxation conditions, it is best to set up a company here. Low tax rates, huge economic growth, almost unlimited opportunities for entrepreneurs, economy centric local governments, real estate boom – all these are typical fro Romania. The country does not look the way as it is; many people think that foreign capital flows into the country.