Our company maintains official relationship with legal and financial organizations in 20 countries around the world, which one can find either in the United Arab Emirates, or in the European Union, or in CIS states. The successful cooperation during these years is based on the personalized service of our customers. You can find our offices that are waiting for you in Ukraine, Hungary, Romania and in Slovakia.

The establishment of a company or even launching a business in the European Union is a simpler process than ever before, there is no need to grope in the dark, we can show you the right way. First of all, it is due to the introduction of transparent economic and legal systems, secondly thanks to the Schengen area that is the zone without internal border, which is the most important achievement of the European Union. That is why our products, services

The main points concerning the establishment of a company abroad

Whether someone wants to buy a firm, or establish a new company, it is extremely important to have political and economic stability in the country. This kind of stability is presented in the EU countries because of transparent and well-used economic law. One should know the local rules, in particular the corporate and tax law, concerning these factors we are up to date.

Our team always ready for cooperation
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